About Jagran Coffee Table Book

Jagran Prakashan Ltd. has the ability to reach out to an immensely large pool of illustrious people. With Jagran Coffee Table Book, the media organization aims to bring together luminaries in diverse fields and different states, who in their individual capacity, have carved a niche for themselves in their independent area of operation, under the Jagran Gems series. Moving towards other subjects, Jagran Prakashan Limited also chose to do books on temples of different states under the Devalaya series, a book on dargahs, launching on thereafter towards books based on cities.

To add a different dimension in terms of value additions, the pages of each book under Jagran Gems series, is interspersed with those on exotic city shots, suitably decided upon as per the topic or theme of the book. Together with beautiful pictures on the glossy pages and added section with maps and other details, those in the Devalaya series, all make for a collector’s item.

Making each product the kind that will be sought after, simply owing to its exclusivity and exceedingly bright, but classy presentation, is the ultimate aim of every JCTB.