Uncomplicated, Simple way up BMW Ventures Limited, Patna

Bijay Kishorepuria clearly idolises his father, Late Sri Sagarmal Kishorepuria, who gave him a simple mantra. quot;He said, in case you wish to make your life a success keep in mind two things, keep the family together and master your finances,quot; shares Bijay. Surely a simple and practical enlightenment for life. He lost both his parents in 1997 and even today admits his place in the sun is because of their blessings and teachings. quot;My mother was a very pious lady and I cannot recall a moment when she lost her cool bringing up her brood of six sons.quot; When prodded about possible sibling rivalry the answer is in the negative. quot;The respect for elders is hierarchical. Each one of us has rights and responsibilities that all know of and respect.quot;

Once Bijay migrated to Patna, he launched his own trading company in 1985 and began trading in steel. quot;We associated with the TATAs 25 years back and are still going strong. With a network of more than 300 dealers, an impressive network, BMW Enterprise today has a Rs 500 crore turnover,quot; says a proud Bijay. BMW Ventures Ltd is the only authorized distributor of Tata Steel Co Ltd in Bihar for marketing the branded steel products i.e. TATA Tiscon TMT reinforced bars, TATA Shaktee GC sheets, TATA Steelium Cold Rolled/ Hot Rolled Coils & Galvanco GP Coils & Sheets along with TATA Agrico products. Bijay Kishorepuria, christened his business BMW Ventures Ltd and went public in the year 1994. While the corporate office is in Kolkata, the registered office is in Patna. It is also distributor for Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd in Bihar for marketing of tractors and spareparts. The diversification and expansion have taken place over the last five years and the new endeavour too, has found firm footing. In fact BMW Ventures Ltd has been recognized by Tata Steel Company Ltd and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd as their ‘Best Distributor in Eastern India’.

They have also constructed a new stockyard at Baikatpur (Fautah) with a covered shed of 35,000 sq ft with latest equipment to handle steel products. The BMW Ventures as a brand commands a premium in the market for its credibility, dealer support and care and the time tested formula of transparency. It represents the ideal business model integrating technology and traditional values. The results are there for everyone to see. We ask him how he has been able to sustain the number one position in each of the twenty five years, he gives his usual welcoming smile and says, quot;We take up a challenge, we then delegate work and responsibility.

Transparency is very important and we stick to it. Then comes the important task of ensuring that the entire team sticks together as a unit.quot;

The MD of BMW Ventures sits in his office at East Boring Canal Road, in a flat which once housed the Kishorepuria family, a humble, yet well organised setting of an office.

Though the ancestors of Bijay Kishorepuria belonged to Rajasthan, the land of greats like Ashoka, Buddha and Chanakya became his motherland. Today he feels privileged to serve the region of Magadh. Born in Bhagalpur, he has had the most traditional childhood. quot;I did my schooling from Bhagalpur and also graduated from there,quot; he says. The values of a tight knit Marwari Samaj, predominantly of respect and unity, has moulded and shaped his outlook towards life. He has grown up upholding moral values, respect for elders and understanding the value of money. Never shy of taking new risks and challenges, Bijay is a quick decision maker. He trusts his instincts.

" Bijay is a trusted face of Marwari Samaj, devoting his free time in garnering support for social causes. "

quot;I have been proved wrong on many occasions but that only eggs me on to go for the next one,quot; he admits candidly. He has many traits besides being an untiring worker, like the amazing quality of multi-tasking. His average office day is packed with impromptu meetings with dealers, clients and executives. He finds time for each and every detail.

One who values his time immensely and spends it judiciously, Bijay is a trusted face of Marwari Samaj, devoting his free time in garnering support for social causes. Educating underprivileged children is his main focus area with his services finding deep appreciation in the Samaj. The Secretary of the organisation, who is visiting the office, lavishes praise on his sincerity and commitment. His day begins at seven in the morning and ends by eight at night. quot;I have seen him following this routine since our marriage without any change. He is a workaholic who enjoys his work,quot; admits Bijay’s life partner. quot;He’s carefree about his clothing and has left it completely to me. His eating habits are simple too.quot;

We come to know one thing he loves is chaat and the spices that go with it. Bijay on his part reveals how he was bowled over by Sabita’s smile. He admits she had added grace to his life by her sheer presence and support. The chemistry between the two, still has the shades of the times when they were engaged. quot;We regale in his sense of humour,quot; adds Rachna his daughter-in-law. She lets us into a secret, that the entrepreneur harbours a passion for making a full length feature film one day. quot;He has welcomed me into the family so beautifully that I am really touched. His practical approach and time management system, supported by his calm and fun filled demeanour truly inspire me,quot; she says.

And what does he do when he is not cracking a joke or checking the mathematics lessons of his grandson, Shivansh? Watching television with his two grandsons is his other favourite pastime.Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma, whispers Shivansh to inform on what his Dadu and he love watching the most. quot;He is interested in watching the news also,quot; confides the young boy studying in DPS. Meanwhile, the younger one, a toddler, is the life of the family, keeping them all on their toes.

"‘Transparency is very important and we stick to it.’"

Nitin Kishorepuria, the young and suave heir to the family, with academic and professional imprints from the Scindia School and an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune, describes the last decade as a ‘learning-in-progress’.

Nitin has climbed up to this position right from the shop floor of the business. quot;I am just an ordinary employee of the company,quot; he remarks. He is yet to be allotted a proper cabin at work but he would rather wait and fight his way up. The association with TATA has led to the highest professional standards being adopted. Regular training sessions both with classroom setting and on the job effects are held. The 150-strong motivated workforce continues to drive the company and the management reciprocates accordingly. quot;We send our employees on an all expenses paid mandatory holiday every year.quot; As Bijay turns sixty this year, he will continue to do what is best for the company- keep things simple and uncomplicated.