Forging ahead with a Vision Frontline Business Solutions, Patna

With a 1,25,000 strong workforce, he has created a diverse network not only in the entire country but in the core markets of China, Kuala Lumpur and UK as well. quot;Reaching out to at least five per cent people of my country in one form or the other is my aim," declares Narendra Kumar Singh, and perhaps not without a reason, going by his foray into diverse businesses.

Along with his friend, Dr. Sanjay Sinha, Narendra launched Frontline (NCR) Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, a total asset management solutions and risk management enterprise, with the tagline- Tip to Toe Services. Today the group is a conglomerate, providing customised services in the field of telecom, security, facilities management, total asset management, mall management, toll management, media, real estate, venture capital, etc. A SAP integrated, fine-tuned customer care culture and sensitised human resource management remains its strong point.

" ‘My father taught me the benefits of concentration.’ "

"Workers are the backbone of any organization, this business is equally theirs," believes Narendra and it is this very policy that has ensured sustained commitment and loyalty of the employees, towards the organisation. The attrition rate is lower than the average trade conditions. Two annual meets of the group take place, when all the managers converge in a resort every year. Region-wise meets happen on a monthly basis and Narendra makes it a point to be with his team to share and learn. Customised business solutions aimed at minimising costs, backed with professional expertise remains the prime USP of the group. In fact innovation is the inspiration for not just the managers, but all workers of the company. When Subir Haldar, the Vice- President of the company says, "It is important to keep in mind the problems faced by the client and the idea is to provide a solution that best suits the company at the lowest possible cost," he actually outlines the bottomline on which the group operates.

Narendra's amazing saga is quite like a Bollywood flick with all its ingredients of both drama and action. Born to a father with diehard Gandhian principles in Jalpura village, 50 kms away from the state capital, on a land virtually divided by insurgency and caste differences, Narendra, was named after Swami Vivekanand.

He received a major part of his education in Aurangabad, from Saraswati Shishu Mandir and Anugrah Narain School, popularly known as GATE School in Bihar. He fondly recalls the discipline enforced by the Principal, Shankar Dayal Singh, which seemed to have had a lasting impression on his life.

"My father taught me the benefits of concentration," he shares, something he believes that has been instrumental in helping him to forge ahead. He remembers being severely beaten up by his father for telling a lie. "This taught me the lesson to always speak the truth," he admits smilingly. Matrimony came very early in life. "I simply got news through a friend that I have been urgently called to the village by my father. To my amazement I reached home a day before the engagement ceremony and the next day was married even before the results of Matriculation were out!" he reveals.

" ‘He is instrumental in keeping the family together,’ says elder brother, Virendra Kumar. "

The new responsibility shook him out of his complacency and he decided to stand on his own two feet. In Patna University, as a student leader, his bold and fearless demeanour earned him many followers. He took upon himself the task of representing the problems and aspirations of the students. This got him recognition and love, but finances still remained a cause for concern.

It was then that he with friends, managed to bag a cycle stand contract attached to the National Book Fair in Gandhi Maidan. And then he never looked back. In a short span of time Narendra decided to approach his parents for loan in addition to his earnings and thus started a C&F agency which went on to work for fifteen different companies.

"Technical and professional qualifications are a must in life to succeed. I missed out on both, but I want my sons Mayank and Mohit to acquire both to excel in their professional life, of course definitely not without sincerity and honesty," he asserts.

Narendra's family is down-to-earth with simplistic ways. The father, who retired from the Khadi Gram Udyog, informs us that the young Narendra had a strong business sense from the start. He is happy that he has absorbed and maintained discipline in his life and continues to serve the poor and the needy.

"He is instrumental in keeping the family together,quot; remarks elder brother Virendra Kumar. "He is a natural leader and the public too wants him to serve them," he adds.

His mother Kesarani Devi and wife Mamta are shy and reticent, but their soft and strong character lends the right balance to the structure of this undivided family. "He has a sharp memory," reveals Mamta.

"He is not fussy about food or clothes, but though the family is strictly vegetarian, he is also fond of chicken," she adds sharing a smile with Mohit, a DPS student. Mayank, the elder one, respects the achievements of his father, "I have learnt the value and importance of money from him and I am determined to take his legacy to newer heights." The clarity of thought and the zeal of the young mind truly stand out. Powered by his success, in his own village of Jalpura, Narendra has met with dramatic results in reducing caste strife and differences, replacing them with brotherhood and respect for each other. Community cultural programmes and better employment opportunities have helped bring about this change in the last decade. "I feel proud when my village people recognise me as Narendra's father. The entire village wants me to be the Pradhan today. It is a big honour," shares Narendra's father.

" ‘I feel proud when my village people recognise me as Narendra's father. The entire village wants me to be the Pradhan today. It is a big honour.’ "

Programmes like uplift of women with child education, providing for marriages, conservation and preservation of environment have become the social agenda of Narendra. The havoc caused by floods in the Sone river drove Narendra to organize a benefit match between the National Cricket Team and the Bihar Cricket Team. This served the purpose of collecting funds for flood victims and gave a fillip to the sports in Bihar. As much as Rs 20 lakh was donated to the CM's relief fund. Today Narendra Kumar Singh has big plans and surprises for the company. The region of Bihar and Jharkhand will soon have their own Cricket Premier League and the group will be staking its claim to own a team. Jaanbaaz Jharkhand is the tentative name and big names of Indian cricket besides the local talent would be part of this exciting venture in the months ahead. Well hats off to this 'Jaanbaaz'!