A spirited, Confident Approach Narayana Group of Medical Colleges & Hospital, Sasaram

He has so compartmentalized his busy schedule, that today, though packed, it gives him the opportunity to play many roles. Like a true soldier, he does justice to each one of those responsibilities. quot;Narayana Medical College and the hospital is our small tribute to my parents and all ancestors. Their blessings resonate on the campus,quot; says a proud and satisfied, Gopal Narayan Singh, Chairman, Deo Mangal Memorial Trust, managing the Narayana Group of Medical College and Hospital in Jamuhar near Sasaram. Gopal Narayan Singh, once an Administrative officer by choice, a farmer by passion, a businessman by economic compulsion, a politician by nationalism, is also an educationist by way of philanthropy. Situated on the old Grand Trunk Road (NH2)the Narayana Hospital is actually the dream vision of his parents Babu Deo Narayan and Mangala Devi. To make available economical medical facilities for the society was a dream, which Gopal had envisioned. This is what the Narayan family now has set off to achieve.

Along with his wife Shail and sons Govind and Trivikram, Gopal Narayan has taken a great leap forward by adding a medical college to the existing Narayana Hospital. Already in its second term, the college has an enrolment of almost 200 students. quot;Though it’s a small number and the stringent rules of Medical Council puts several restrictions on us, we are committed. Brick by brick we’ll build,quot; is his spirited declaration. With almost 200 MBBS professionals and a 400- strong support staff, the campus is well equipped to cater to the needs of patients, students and others alike.

A day-long emergency facility, several OTs, functional ICU and 450 beds, the Narayana Hospital has become a boon for the entire region and is also catering to the districts of Aurangabad, Bhojpur in Bihar and Garhwa and Palamau in Jharkhand. Family accommodation for doctors and the support staff with adequate facilities for recreation and shopping is the hallmark of the institute. On the campus a group of first term students in an impromptu chat, collectively give a consensus response that is encouraging. The students are enjoying the place though the study pressure is demanding and also reveal that ragging is a thing of the past.

" ‘The upbringing by my parents have made all things possible, ’ says Govind. "

The canteen serves a fare that is just like home-cooked food, they tell us in the common mess area. Govind Narayan, the Director with the all important portfolios of Human Resource and Financial Management puts things in perspective, quot;My family’s culture and the upbringing given by my parents have made it possible for us to adjust and gel in any environment.quot; Sure enough, while his wife and son are living in Patna, Govind understands his role and responsibility for the hospital and college and is stationed on the campus for most of the month. Complementing the calm and composed demeanour of his elder brother, Tivikram Narayan, is one raring to achieve, to score and in a bit of a hurry. The hospital is his passion. Meanwhile, Gopal Narayan’s political journey brought him in close proximity with many luminaries.

Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay, his mentor, encouraged Gopal to tread the time-tested formula of, ‘Wealth creation and not wealth accumulation and labour and resource management rather than exploitation.’ Such sound economic expediency, flavoured with the purest form of nationalistic and religious fervour makes Gopal Narayan Singh a personality worth emulating.

Continuing with his political commitment to Bihar, Gopal Narayan maintains, quot;Politics is not my profession.quot; He is there because of its intrinsic essence. Born into a family of zamindars in Jamuhar village of Rohtas district of Bihar, Gopal was the lone son of his parents Babu Dev Narayan and Mangala Devi. He did his schooling from Varanasi and BA LLB and Masters in Economics from the University of Allahabad. quot;A Guru comes to you or vice versa, at a specific place and for a specific time,quot; says Gopal, letting us into something he completely believes in.

Late Heera Prasad Singh his Dadaji was a yogi. quot;He was so enlightened he could see the future. He breathed his last in a state of ‘Padmasan’ and before he passed away made me sit on his lap and told me to honour the poor and give away with both my hands.quot; As a child he could not comprehend the true meaning of the advice but today he sees it as a guiding light. Balbhadra Prasad, the Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University became his academic Guru. quot;Balbhadra Ji, made me realize the importance of higher studies,quot; he recalls.

" ‘My mother taught me the practical lessons of life.’ "

His competitive endeavour paid dividends and he soon joined the Allied Services. But the restless Gopal chucked his job with the Railways and inspired by a friend’s success, took to commercial farming, a decision that was looked down upon by his father Deo Narayan. Unmindful of the criticism, he got on with his task and soon with his hard labour was twice awarded for excellence in Farm Production by the Government of Bihar and that too in the backdrop of the Indo-Pak war of ’65 and the ‘Great Famine’. quot;My mother, taught me the practical lessons of life. She gave me money, albeit a small amount, with which I started my business that has got me to the place where I am today,quot; is his emotional submission. He took to the business of contracting which brought him both success and money. Divisional Engineer Mr Bhattacharya, of the Dhanbad Division commands the respect of a ‘career guru’ for him. quot;Bhattacharya Ji taught me the all important lesson of, never to give up,quot; he admits gratefully. quot;Shail, my wife has been a pillar and a support right through my struggle,quot; says Gopal, while Shail softly adds, quot;We are living the dream of our Babuji and Mataji. This is what they wanted and with their blessings we will achieve much more.quot;