A dreamer and go-getter Renovision Exports Private Limited, Patna

No trace of grey, the hair pulled back in neat streaks, the face youthful and eyes alert, indicates a man in full control. The rich, baritone boom of Ashfaque Rehman’s voice resonates in his sparsely done office.

He epitomises the never-say-die spirit having literally risen from the ranks. In recognition of his services in the field of Homoeopathy and Ayurveda, the Federation of Indian Chambers and Commerce has invited him to be part of an Indian delegation to explore business in Africa.

quot;By the time I turned 35 I had started an equal number of businesses. I would take it to its height and then move on to some other,quot; a restless Ashfaque confides.

Born in erstwhile Bihar and schooled in the best educational institutes all over the state, including Nazareth Academy, Gaya, Children’s Academy, Ranchi and Saint Ignasus, Gumla, he is thankful for the strong academic seeds sown in the developing stages of his life. His late father was employed with the Soil Conservation Department of Government of Bihar and his transferable job ensured a flavour of diverse upbringing methodology, including that of schooling.

quot;The discipline in my life, the need for academic excellence were all incorporated in the hallowed precincts of good schools that my father put me into,quot; he states with a tinge of pride. In Patna University he won top honours in oratory, speaking on the topic ‘Nationalization of Banks in India’. Ashfaque cherishes the memory of receiving it from the then Education Minister, Shamailey Nabi. The entrepreneur’s command over the Urdu language and the rich timbre of his voice fuelled the creative instincts in him. His love for drama led him to participate in plays for a while.

" ‘This is the first time anyone has experimented with the Ayurveda and Homoeopathy in a combination.’ "

quot;My voice would dominate that of my co-artists and that would lead to friction,quot; he proffers as the reason behind him withdrawing from the scene of performing arts. When in his teens, he recalls finding innovative means to watch a film to escape caning. He and his friends would watch half the show each and later narrate to each other their part of the story! He gave up his first love, theatre, but when life presented him with an opportunity, he moved towards films. This was despite opposition from his family, specially his wife and followed his heart to produce two films Old is Gold and Simran. He also played a role in the former, with Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor. Though not a commercial success, the films were appreciated and satisfied the creative instincts of Ashfaque.

" He plunged into the real estate business under the banner Asim Constructions Pvt Ltd. "

quot;I invested everything into these projects of which one was directed by Niraj Sahai. It suffered huge losses that would take me a long time to recover,quot; he shares. But then Ashfaque put all of this behind him and plunged into the real estate business under the banner Asim Constructions Pvt Ltd. Today it has a long list of prestigious completed projects like Federal Plaza, Rahman Plaza, REPL Plaza, and Federal Marriage Hall. His first project, Federal Colony, will always hold a special place in his life. Presently one of the biggest malls in Bihar is under construction in Patna, under his banner, with the unique feature of a double-storey basement. He diversified into the field of pharma in the year 1994 and pursuant to the same, Renovision Exports Pvt Ltd was incorporated. Initially, the foray into pharmaceuticals was supposed to be in the form of an Ayurveda college, but when he found things going against him, he gave up the idea and instead chose to become a leading Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic herbal patent medicines manufacturer.

A GMP and ISO certified company, the Renovision Exports runs under a unique model of using both the sciences of Homoeopathy and Ayurveda. The manufacturing unit boasts of the most modern machinery with technical know-how and skilled human capital.

On the other hand, REPL continues to set new marks and standards for the group and is already exploring the markets of Korea, Ghana, Senegal and UK. A research facility has been added to the business, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and standards.

In Homoeopathy the successful brand names are, Vigoura (1000 to 5X - for vigour & vitality), Fatcon-slimming drops, Pilelex for piles and M-Sharp for sharp memory. In Ayurveda those like Hy Power Musli Cap and Oil for Vigour & Vitality), Orthovit Cap and oil for arthritis and joint pain, Keshvardhak and Dasratann oil haircare products are popular. With theses, millions of people are benefitting from their research and reach. quot;This is the first time anyone has experimented with the Ayurveda and Homoeopathy in a combination,quot; he claims. quot;Manzilein abhee aur hain caravan abhi aur bhi hain,quot; he breaks into an Urdu couplet in his mesmerizing voice indicating towards the future.

" ‘What I am today is because of the strong and positive role played by my mother and my wife.’ "

Busy that he is, he cannot find time to pursue other interests, though vintage Hindi songs and ghazals still hold his attention. God fearing Ashfaque attributes much of his success to his mother and wife. quot;What I am today is because of the strong and positive role played by the two women in my life.quot; Ammi, Sultana Bano, sits serenely, dressed gracefully in an ivory coloured sari. quot;Ashfaque has played a major role in keeping the family together. He is headstrong but has always shared everything with me, good or bad,quot; she says fondly. Begum Tanveer Fatima, seconds ammi’s statement. She too is actively involved in the business.

A mother of three, Amreen, Asim and Ahmar, she has judiciously balanced both home and work and served as Principal of The Federal Academy, which Ashfaque started but had to shut down because of unforeseen circumstances. Ashfaque Rehman, also forayed into politics, standing for election to the Legislative Assembly. quot;More than votes, I lost to the game of politics,quot; says a sombre Ashfaque, without any hint of regret.

The glint in the eyes promise he would continue to pursue his dream irrespective of the challenges and least of all, the consequence. Amreen, rushes in to show her collection of dolls her father brings from around the globe. quot;I have lost count. This one is from Holland,quot; the third standard student tells us excitedly. Both his sons, Asim and Ahmar have inherited the good looks of their father. Academics drives them at the moment. quot;We realise the important role Babba has played and continues to do in getting us all here. I am learning now and wish to follow in his footsteps,quot; shares the elder Ahmar. Asim’s smile suggests the same. Ashfaque’s message to them is, quot;Beta, don’t copy me, but follow your heart and your mind. No nakal, only akalquot;, he laughingly adds.