Forging ahead with passion Jascon Group, Ranchi

Shashikant Singh is a shining example of how a common man can be transformed into a formidable force with his self-belief and hard work.

Such is the simplicity and earthiness of the man that unless he talks business you would never comprehend that he is heading one of the most reputed and fast growing civil construction companies of the state. As Director of Jascon Group, SK, as he is popularly known, has propelled the enterprise into the big league, in less than a decade! The journey for the son of a simple Physics teacher to a colossalconstruction tycoon has had its impediments, but in the end emerged as an inspiring success story. He has put together pieces of his life to paint an attractive picture. "Frankly speaking, I never really harboured the ambition to become a businessman. Like a normal student, I completed my Civil Engineering from Pune University and joined ACC, a construction company in Mumbai. I worked there for a few years and then shifted to Pune to join another company. Thereafter, I joined the Shriram Group when they had a 500 MW project coming up," reveals Shashikant. Unfortunately, three months before the completion of the project, he was kidnapped by some anti-social elements and was wrongfully confined for close to two months.

This incident tested his nerves and endurance and of course, that of his family. "Those were really tough days, very uncertain and scary. My family ran from pillar to post to get me freed. Finally, the prayers were answered and I was back home. I learnt an important lesson that day. If you yourself are not strong and capable, nobody will come to be with you in your difficult times," says Shashikant thoughtfully.

"One has to look beyond one’ comfort zone to hit it big"

He then chucked his job and decided to start his own business but even this wasn’t easy, as the investment involved was huge. "When I quit my job, I was getting a handsome salary, besides a bungalow and two official cars. The project I was handling now was worth Rs 1,500 crore! Going into unfamiliar pastures of business was a tricky call. But then one has to look beyond one’s comfort zone to hit it big," he emphasises.

Incidentally, Shashikant’s two younger brothers Ajay Kumar and Neeraj Kumar work with multi-national companies in India and abroad and no one else in the family had ever tried hands at business. So, obviously, the family was nervous and apprehensive when Shashikant decided to set a date with destiny. "My in-laws too were concerned about my abrupt decision. There is a lot of difference between a 9 to 5 job and doing your own business. In the former, you are insulated from the adversities of external business environment and live a secure life. In business you are exposed to maximum risk. My wife stood behind me like a rock, which proved vital as my brothers and father too followed," he says with pride.

"In the end I can confidently say, my family has been my real asset," he asserts. No doubt the group today is one of the biggest construction companies in the region specialising in three basic domains, contracting, building and developing. Jascon Group consists of its sister concern Jascon Enter Build Ltd., Rebloon Impex and Multimega Developers Ltd. Its operations extending to Patna, Ranchi and Dhanbad; the company has completed some big projects and bagged some even bigger ones. Some of the ongoing projects include Jascon Residency, Jascon Palace, Maa Shitla Complex in Patna, while several others like Jascon Kingdom and Jascon Arcade are coming up soon.

"My endeavour is to put the group in such a position that its brand name itself is able to pull business.’"

Not only this, the group also boasts of some prestigious government projects across Bihar and Jharkhand, like Government Mining Polytechnic College, Indira Vikas Vidyalaya, Govt. Eklavya Vidyalaya, Minor Irrigation Dam Work, PMGSY Road, Ganga Flood Protection and so on. "This is just a beginning. My endeavour is to put the group in such a position that its brand name should have enough gravity to pull business. Also I want to widen its range and domain in the coming years," he points out. Regarding the business environment in the state, SK doesn’t seem upbeat and concedes there is a lot of rot that needs to be removed. "If entrepreneurs get a cold shoulder, the companies would flee from the region. So not only will the economy be adversely affected, but also the local people as they would be denied employment," he stresses.

Shashikant has deftly created and managed a pool of efficient and technically competent people, a prerequisite that he thinks is sacrosanct for the success of any company. The resourceful businessman is unambiguous about his business philosophy. "I think sound and comprehensive technical know-how of the business is a must.

A thorough insight always helps you to build a solid foundation. Fund management is another crucial area where one has to come good and clean." Outside business, Shashikant has other roles to play as a father and a husband. He doesn’t disappoint here either. "He had to start from the scratch, on his own to work his way up. For that matter, he never even asked his father for money for the business," reveals Bimla, his better half. She is the Director of Multimega Developers Ltd and a stock market buff, besides being a doting mother, shouldering her multiple responsibilities with precision.

"I like his attitude and appetite for challenges, even though I know that it is precisely due to this that he is always short of time for us," she laments.

"That is true," SK nods. "But that’s the biggest problem one faces in doing business. Profit is always at the cost of something else. I really wish I could spend quality time with my family."

Shashikant, for whom home-cooked food is the best in the world, is extremely fond of mutton dishes.

By his own admission he can have it all days of the week, but prefers to keep it to five! Interestingly, he makes it a point to plan family holidays, the affectionate father that he is, always playful with his children.

"I secured 96% marks in my last term exams," beams 11-years-old Samridhi, who is fond of mathematics, while the younger one Smit Saurav too seems engrossed in his studies.

And if one goes by the children’s conviction, there is little doubt that they would one day, surpass their father’s milestones, who, in his time did much the same!