Shaping young minds K K Group of Institution, Dhanbad

Ravi interestingly doesn't take any phone calls once he reaches home, unless of course there is some sort of emergency. For that brief moment he is a complete family man - uninterrupted! He loves to watch TV news and talk to his daughter like every other doting father. Despite being the Director of K K Group of Institutions, Ravi Choudhary may wish to do simple things in life too, like sometimes just relaxing in an armchair. But destiny had ordained otherwise, identified him as the chosen one perhaps. "He starts his day at five in the morning and at nine takes over the reigns of office. For the rest of the day he is just too busy. The students become his family and the office his home. It is quite like having an extended family that gives my husband immense satisfaction. I try to give him as much support as possible, one of them being serving up a sumptuous dinner once he comes home at seven," avers his wife, Tanuja.

This civil engineer from Dhanbad has done what most people with his kind of qualification seldom do - give back whatever he has learnt or got, to society. Recognizing the need for a robust and efficient machinery of technical education, he chucked his job in the Public Works Department (PWD) to start a chain of technical and medical institutions, intending to provide quality education to the entire gamut of students, from all economic strata. Thousands of students who enter their professional lives every year, owe gratitude to this man who remains undistracted by the adulation that comes his way for his work in this sphere. He also continues at the helm of the Samajik Kalyan Sanstha, established to initiate a mission that has now transformed into a movement of sorts.

"I have always felt that there is no dearth of good students in this region."

"I have always felt that there is no dearth of good students in this region and that they are left wanting due to lack of opportunities. There is a great need to tap their potential but very few avenues to do so. The purpose of founding Samajik Kalyan Sanstha was to provide a sound platform for the students of the state and also constitute a knowledge based society ready to take up the challenges that come along in a modern world.

Our continuous endeavour is to prepare students to play a pivotal role in the country's socio-economic growth by inculcating in them discipline, commitment and values. And it is the responsibility of our institutions to develop not only efficient but responsible citizens too," explains Ravi.

The society runs polytechnic institutes and BEd colleges in the Bihar and Jharkhand regions. A state-of-the-art engineering college is being built in Govindpur, nearly 20 kms away from Dhanbad city and plans are under way to build a medical college in Bihar. This keeps Ravi on his toes, visiting the campuses and holding meetings with the staff members on qualitative improvements. He makes surprise visits to classrooms himself to check the progress of his students, not only in academics but in all facets of their campus life. To his nearly five thousand students he is a mentor and a trusted guide.

Earlier there was much emphasis on physical and spiritual aspects of the students conditioning, that would result in their wholesome upbringing. But with changing times, this approach faded into the fast paced advancements of socalled modern education. We have tried to revive that approach by constant monitoring of their physical and moral well-being," he underlines.

His father, in his time, other than engaging in other professional activities, also started a school for children. Ravi too, traversed a long way from a PWD assistant engineer to finally a fullfledged foray into his college building projects in the year 2006.

See for every big project some sort of experience is required. I used my contacts and experience in construction and maintenance-related issues to avoid bottlenecks. The next few projects sailed even more smoothly. I planned well too, carefully recycling the funds. See, problems will come. They are inevitable. But it's how you tackle them that will ultimately decide your success or failure.

I have invested a lot of sweat and blood in my dreams and I am not afraid of failures anymore." He made it amply clear to himself that unless he thinks big he will not be able to achieve what he aspired for. Ravi lost his father when he was still a kid. His mother Kaushalya raised him with his father's pension and played a decisive role in shaping the man that Ravi is today.

The K K Group of Institutions derives its name from his parents, Kaushalya and Kameshwar. Now that he himself has become a parent, he acknowledges the role of parents in shaping the future of their children. His dwelling place is within the campus of one of his colleges, with his wife Tanuja, a son and a daughter. Though a graduate in zoology, Tanuja prefers to fulfill her role as a homemaker.

"The whole idea is to bring out the best in the students"

During a campus visit, I have actually picked up students who were roaming outside the classrooms, got them into a vehicle to drop them back, of course not without pulling up the teachers. After all it is our responsibility to ensure that the students don't stray from the right track. We have made attendance and tests sacrosanct. The whole idea is to bring out the best in the students," the ardent teacher in him sums up. Ravi is averse to the idea of joining politics despite offers due to lack of time. Also his firm belief is that he can best serve people the way he is doing it at present.

He is one man who makes one realise that you don't just need a great mind to make your existence meaningful, but surely a big heart too.