Of style and innovations Orchid Group, Ranchi

At 31, he lives a life that most people yearn for. How many have a home theatre in every room or are able to switch cars like their ties? Whether it is the Malaysian tiles of his wash cabin, Italian neon lights of the drawing room or modern art paintings from Bangkok and Tokyo that punctuate the corridors of his picturesque home, they all carry the imprint of a fertile imagination and a fine sense of aesthetics. His foreign trips would hit his wallet like a meteor but the young businessman remains defiant to the conservative conventions of lifestyle. Prince Ajmani, as people of Ranchi know him, true to his name, is elegant and composed. Since the last one decade, his is a one-man show in the sanitaryware and irrigation equipment business in the city.

When I took over the business from my father in the year 2000, all was not well in the company. A forgery by our accounts manager led the company towards collapse. A 20 lakh deficit was staring in our face. I reshuffled everything from top to bottom and did it my way and within four years paid all the debts with interest," says Prince with a sigh of relief. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today Orchid group boasts of all big names as their clients, including the Vidhan Sabha and the Raj Bhawan. No big ceremony in the city is complete without the support of the father-son duo. Their ISO certified godown is just about to get operational which will streamline inventory management. The company now rides on the mature shoulders of the young, innovative entrepreneur who enjoys challenges as much as the adulation that comes his way as he takes the legacy of his father to even greater heights.

"Success never comes easy. And staying on top is not easy too"

It was not without reason that Prince was bestowed the honour of, 'Most Innovative Plumbing Boy' by the Plastic Man of India M.P. Thaparia in 2007. The man in the arc lights, however, prefers to keep it simple. "I listen to my mind. There was a time when our workers used to spend hours to create handcrafted work on the tent linen to give a lavish and elegant look to the ceremonies, when no one else was doing it. We created a lasting reputation in this way. To be different one has to think differently," he declares, fiddling all the time with his black gold bracelet. Prince has always lived the life of selfimposed

discipline. He has donned many hats which have critically tested his grit at different times. As a sincere school captain, a consummate painter, a fierce kick-boxer, this Saint Xavier’s business masters has excelled time and again. But he too had his share of freedom and fun. His modified bikes were a rage in college.

So what keeps him occupied besides Rado watches and Apple netbooks? Prince smiles gently and beckons his 18- months-old kid who comes toddling to find his father holding him just in time. "He was born once we became used to each other, almost five years after our marriage. Since we got married early we could afford that quite easily. I was married at 21," smiles Prince's beautiful better half. The lady continues, "Yashveer keeps him occupied once he is back home from office. Sometimes I find myself feeling jealous. My kid steals all his attention while I get busy cooking some great stuff for him - his favourite golden American crispy corns, fried with capsicum, onion, vinegar, and served with breadcrumbs and coriander." To this Prince shares a smile with her, "She is such a great shock absorber, not for me but for the whole family. She takes all the care in this world of my parentsand my younger brother. However, contrary to what many would believe ours was an arranged marriage. I was floored by her simplicity right from the beginning. But I don't understand what made her parents choose me? I was wearing jeans and slippers, for gods sake. Seriously, what were they thinking?" he says with a naughty smile.

During our one year of courtship we had the best time of our lives. I used to sneak out with her for surprise long drives, my parents blissfully oblivious of the adventures! They would keep waiting for their son at the breakfast table waiting for him to return from his morning walk. By that time he would be some 150 kms away!" Prince beams, quite like his Rado diamond watch. It isn't as if he treads a primrose path that awaits him daily. Most people would take the life of the flamboyant businessman at its face value- cool, comfy, hassle free.

"There are a lot of ways to do business. The best way is to do it your way"

But beneath this fancy veneer lies tons of hard work, patience and sacrifice. He doesn't stop at himself jumping into half dug pits and wading through waist deep mud to judge the suitability of the irrigation paraphernalia.

In a freak incident, a green snake once came hissing out of his pants as he came out of one such mound!

His obsession with perfection is perfectly synchronized with his innovative bent that makes him click among the state capital's business fraternity. The young businessman however doesn't buy too much into it.

"Success never comes easy. If it does, it is short-lived. And staying on top is not easy too. I would still wake up at 2 or 4 in the morning to get my things done. I hardly have any time to spare even for my closest pals and kith and kin," he shares.

He further goes on to add, "But then there is no substitute for hard work. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how you do it? There are a lot of ways to do business. The best way is to do it your way. I don't mind people calling me cynical as long as my style of working allows me to say, yes, I am successful."