Truly a class apart Radisson Blu, Ranchi

As proud owner of Radisson Blu, Ranchi, which is the only Five Star Deluxe hotel in the twin states of Jharkhand and Bihar, the Guptas have kickstarted a movement of sorts in the hospitality industry in the region. The first thing that you notice about them is the striking contrast in the personalities of each of the three of them, at the helm of affairs. But then together they make a heady blend of elegance, power and style. This family aptly demonstrates what the power of thinking big can do for you. While Dilip Kumar Gupta is leading the prestigious family business, his wife Nandini and son Aditya are his equally tall companions in this exciting voyage. A man of simple tastes and spartan lifestyle, he is untouched by the pretentions of the dazzling industry that he is in.

My grandfather was in the alcoholic beverages business since 1945. I joined him in 1970 just after completing my education. Then we moved to a couple of other businesses like transport and mining. We had never thought of venturing into hotel business, but things changed when we sent Aditya to study Hotel Management in Sydney.

"Our focus is on converting each new guest into a loyal one"

In 2005-06, the Guptas were seriously contemplating foraying into some new business. Besides hotels, malls were other options, but they were very clear that whatever it be, it had to be a clincher. "We contacted ITC but they offered us a lower segment brand, which didn’t interest us. After a couple of more rejections, we decided to go all out for a premium brand and we zeroed in on Radisson, which is an internationally renowned name in the hospitality industry," reveals Nandini. With a massive presence in more than 74 countries and 500 locations, Radisson offers services to its guests that are high on taste and warmth.

The staff of more than 260 is made to undergo a three-tier structured as well as non-structured training module. Right from language, mannerism to their code of conduct, every bit is standardised. You can feel it right there as soon as you hand over your car keys to the attendant and enter the hotel lobby to smiling faces all around ready to welcome and pamper you.

Our focus is on converting every new guest into a loyal one through quality service. We have small placards planted everywhere on the premises carrying the motto, ‘Yes I can’, which underlines the firm conviction of the staff that there is nothing that we can’t do for our guests," reveals Nandini, giving a subtle hint that what they are looking for, is an emotional connect with the guests. Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel also affords a magnificent panoramic view. As the city lights up atsunset, the sight is truly breathtaking.

We undertook this project with an eye on the future. But in the short time span of four years leading to its completion, it seems the future as we envisioned has already arrived," she smiles. "Ranchi has tremendous potential as far as the hospitality industry is concerned. Only there is a need to sensitise people about food and lifestyle," she asserts. "During the first phase of our operation that has begun just over a month back, we have received tremendous response," is her confident remark. Radisson Blu Ranchi truly is a connoisseur’s delight.

"There is a need to sensitise the people of Ranchi about food and lifestyle."

Its innovative food and beverage concept restaurant like ‘The Great Kabab Factory’ which offers an astonishing range of non-vegetarian platter and ‘Skylit Lobby Bar’ impart a new dimension to the wining and dining experience in the region. Besides, there is a health club, spa, a swimming pool overlooking the hotel’s beautiful façade and plush conference halls. Incidentally, Nandini, who was a simple housewife till some years back, busy raising her three daughters and a son, now dons a huge responsibility of looking after the business too. Daughter of NRI parents, who has always treated her children like friends, she now rubs shoulder with them in a totally different arena. "I have always enjoyed challenges, whether in school, college or home. This was yet another one, so I grabbed it with both hands. What could be better than to work for your own self," says Nandini.

The project received a major boost when Aditya, armed with a degree in Hotel Management from Sydney, joined his father and mother. He injected fresh ideas and simultaneously kept picking the nuances of the industry, from other sources. "Unlike Australia or other developed countries, there are a couple of major bottlenecks associated with such projects in this region. The sourcing of construction material and technical knowledge was tough, but cheap labour and efficient management more or less made up for the lacking. To get better results, it is imperative to act quick from day one." Incidentally, Aditya designed the offices of all the three Directors which shows the spark of creativity in the young, budding hotelier. A sports buff and a health freak, he hardly ever misses out on his gym routine. Not one who reaches out to you on his own, he comes off as one working with single-minded focus, treading the path etched by his parents. "It is their most ambitious dream. I will definitely try my best to make it a reality. Once this project starts running full throttle, we have bigger plans in the pipeline," reveals the young gun. But one man who is quietly anchoring the show, Dilip Gupta, remains firmly grounded and assured.

He relies on his hunch and conventional wisdom that guides his work and maintains that earning a reputation is far more difficult than earning money. The key according to him, is to never give up.

Only the valiant will survive in today’s world, is his firm belief.

See the basic rules of the business don’t change. There are hundreds of thousands of people who may be more intelligent and hard working than you, but still they could not make it big. That’s where destiny comes into play

"Once this project starts running full throttle, we have bigger plans in the pipeline,’ says Aditya"

Therefore it is unwise to gloat over success and cry in the event of a failure, because both have a silver lining. One makes you humble and the other strong," underlines Dilip.

His wife is in complete agreement with his observations. The family truly believes that it is never out of date to be nice and honest.

In fact good people get more attention nowadays, because there are far too less of them," is Dilip’s concluding remark.