Winning hearts and People Samridhi Creatives, Ranchi

Narendra Thakur, the proud owner of one of the most coveted real estate companies of Jharkhand, Samridhi Creatives, sinks into his supple chair and reminisces his days of ambiguities and struggle. Few would have bet on him some years back when this XIMB graduate was flirting with a chucked job and a couple of failed businesses. After seven years of toil, now a real estate Czar, Thakur opens up, "Opting for a real estate business was a hard decision. Incidentally, nobody in my family had ever tried hands at business. My dad was chief manager in a government bank, mother housewife and uncles were in the service sector. I had to start from the scratch.

The real estate business in Ranchi is an open arena with gut wrenching competition. The only things that young Thakur had were his self-belief and the passion for making it big. "I had nothing but ideas. My well wishers used to think that I would not be able to pull it off due to lack of resources so obviously I was scared," he discloses.

"You take care of your commitments, business will take care of itself "

small chunks of land on the outskirts of the state capital. At that time the apartment culture in Ranchi had just seeped in. The city has a comfortable weather. No humidity, no fog and the industry was picking up fast, attracting those wanting to settle down here. "But at times pessimism would creep in and I would wonder where is the limit? So much pressure. One project would end and another would start. But then ambitions never end," Narendra shares.

He decided to construct duplexes with a novel idea of concept selling. As soon as the land was fixed he would market it to the potential customers for fully furnished flats, even before the actual construction would begin. Also, he introduced to the capital the idea of owning concept duplexes that was hitherto unknown. His Rainbow-7 project, for example, provides seven types of society based houses in seven colours of the rainbow. He unraveled theme based and customised duplexes.

As a result the customers were spoilt for choices in their design and construction. With his innovative ideas and flexible marketing, Thakur gradually started making his mark in the business. "I lived a responsible childhood. I enjoyed grabbing opportunities and therefore, I was an understandable choice for the planning and management of different events right through my school and colleges. This led me into the habit of discipline and dedication," he reveals. Little wonder Samridhi Creatives is a housing behemoth in such a short span of time. "See the most important thing in business is trust. So if you only work honestly and keep the promises that you make, you will never find yourself starved of business. You take care of your commitments, business will take care of itself," he muses amidst persistent fiddling by his little daughter who refuses to part with her father. The seven year old smiles with a carefree shrug of her petite shoulders. He credits her mother for the lovely looks.

Narendra's life partner Sujata enjoys her dual role of a responsible wife and a doting mother. She preferred to stay housewife despite being a psychology honours graduate to look after his small and tightly bonded family. Over eight years of their marriage, she has been doing what she calls an extremely gratifying job of managing the home and a busy husband. "Before our marriage I used to get all the attention, but today I understand his passion for work and try to lend him maximum support," says Sujata flicking a quick glance at her husband just like a silent admirer that she has been.

"He introduced to the capital the idea of owning concept duplexes. "

even," he confesses. "If I do even then work continues. Time crunch is always there. My business has crept into my home," he laughs.

"I appreciate Sujata's resilience. While I made my fortunes outside the home, on the inside she has unparalleled sway," he says. A cursory look at their home confirms the effort behind the synchronized décor. "She has also given me a wonderful daughter! My day hardly begins without preparing her for school," he gushes. Little Komal in turn shows off her winning trophy at the Khadi Fashion Show. "I will give her all the freedom to decide her own destiny, just like my father gave me," he continues. "I love to give in to her tantrums. To give her small wonderful moments. Shekeeps her piggy bank with some savings in it which I enjoy filling up," says Narendra happily.

He sneaks into the kitchen when he gets time. "I thrive on the home cooked yellow dal tadka with crispy fried bhindi and am happy even if I eat it seven days a week," says the builder. He enjoys playing and watching cricket, though however an occasional catch-up with the movies refreshes him no end. "I have met Om Puri and Amitabh Bachchan is my personal favourite. I only watch

offbeat movies and love old music. But nothing gives me more pleasure than playing with my little daughter." The 'little- desire man' speaks with a sparkle in his eyes. "I don't run after brands. I long for quality. My wife is fond of jewellery, I am not," he adds with a naughty grin.

"Nothing gives me more pleasure than playing with my little daughter"

Any unfulfilled desires? "Oh yes, I had always wanted to become an actor, a performer. But like most fringe desires it went dormant due to the hassles of life. I want to open an institute of higher education for students who cannot afford to pay massive fees for professional courses. Also I am planning to provide low priced houses for lesser privileged people. Business is not all about making money and winning deals, but win people and hearts too!" he signs off.