Third in the series, Jagran Gems, Sonar Mahe Jharkhand is a book on some handpicked entrepreneurs of Jharkhand, who have, through their own accomplishments brought prosperity and advancement to the state. Read More..

All of the fifteen person featured here are masters in their own field, steering their businesses in the right direction, thus also achieving industrial growth for the region.

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Detailed Stories
Winning hearts and People
Samridhi Creatives, Ranchi
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Truly a class apart
Radisson Blu, Ranchi
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A winner all the way
Birsa Institute of Technology (TRUST), Ranchi
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Unflinching resolve
Jaiswal Group, Ranchi
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A penchant for taking risks
Urmila RCP Projects Pvt Ltd, Ranchi
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Of style and innovations
Orchid Group, Ranchi
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With an eye for excellence
Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital, Ranchi
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Forging ahead with passion
Jascon Group, Ranchi
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A meteoric rise
Nilai Education Turst's Group of Institutions, Ranchi
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A path-breaking success story
Anup Malleables Ltd, Dhanbad
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Shaping young minds
K K Group of Institutions, Dhanbad
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Magic of faith and conviction
Maithan Group, Dhanbad
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Sheer ambition and enterprise
Saurashtra Fuels Pvt Ltd, Dhanbad
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A true visionary
Shriram Ozone Group, Dhanbad
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Grounded and firmly committed
Shriram Group of Companies, Dhanbad
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