A penchant for taking risks Urmila RCP Projects Pvt Ltd, Ranchi

His tale of ordeal and triumph are capable of holding your attention completely. As a person who has always enjoyed challenges, he believes in doing hard work the smart way. As CMD, Urmila RCP Projects Pvt Ltd, Deepak Kumar Bharthuar is a name to reckon with in the civil construction and water packaging business. The company, named after his father Late Ramesh Chandra Prasad and mother Urmila Devi, has, under him, earned a name for its transparency, quality and commitment. "My first project was construction of a pond that one BS Mathur, who was then AGM of HSCL got me. It was a great success. Thereafter, I got to lay my hands on other projects which not only taught me the nuances of civil construction but also gave me recognition. I then decided to start my own business where I could enhance my knowledge and expertise to my own advantage," reveals Deepak. Started in 1992, the company accomplished some major projects - RCP Complex at Kadru, Maple Plaza at Ashok Nagar, Indoor Stadium for Sai Sub Centre at Hazaribagh and MBM Telephone Exchange Building at Sidgora, to name a few.

With the uncompromising thrust on quality maintenance and innovation, the company has never fallen short of client expectations. The strength obviously comes from the man behind the fašade who himself is very particular about the way things are done.

I give my people all the creative freedom to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas. I am available to them 24x7 for that matter. Besides this they are encouraged to take up new challenges everyday to hone their skills and test their strengths. The idea is to give our clients the best deals for which he is spending money. Why we are in business is because we are able to maximise value for our stakeholders.

"I give my people all the creative freedom to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas."

The painstaking efforts of the entrepreneur, however, has not gone unnoticed. The company holds the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for its Quality Management System. It also received Bharat Nirman Ratna Award from Economic Development & Research Institute for its contribution to the region. He is also likely to be felicitated by the Jharkhand High Court for one of his projects.

The completion certificates issued by giant companies like BSNL, HSCL, NPCCL, NBCCL and Kirloskar Brothers Limited, are landmarks emblazoned on their profile prominently. But the humble man remains firmly grounded. "See success in business gives you accomplishment, which brings accountability and responsibility, not only towards those who are directly associated with you but also those who don’t even know you. The larger chunk of society is still deprived of proper education, food and resources. Unless the growth of business translates into the greater good of society, the success would be insipid and meaningless," heasserts.

An ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba, Deepak shares how one incident made him more spiritual. "During one of my trips from Noida to Delhi a loaded truck suddenly rammed into my car. Next day when I opened my eyes, I was in hospital. A man came to see me, who, I was then told had brought me to hospital and saved my life. Not only this, he also handed over all the cash and jewellery that was lying inside my car. Somewhere I realized it was Baba’s wish due to which I was alive." This incident left an indelible mark on his mind. "Now I never say no to anybody who needs my help and I try to do my best, just as I was helped by someone when I needed it the most," quips Deepak.

"See success in business gives you accomplishment, which brings accountability and responsibility"

When I set out in ’92 I never thought that one day my business venture would turn out to be so big. Earlier, I even drove my truck for commercial use to fend for myself. But there was this desire deep inside to take up bigger challenges. Even if they backfired, I decided not to quit trying." Not surprising then that Deepak who is a simple commerce graduate now operates complex design software like Auto CAD and SAP with ease. His indefatigable spirit keeps him occupied learning and implementing new ideas and plans to take his company to greater heights.

His penchant for exploring unfamiliar territories landed him in another new venture. Water packaging enterprise, which involves construction of intake wells in dams to collect and supply water to the core sector industries through pipelines. It’s a heavy investment industry which requires lot of manpower and resources besides finances. But the man who has always thrived on challenges, is upbeat about this one. "In the power sector most of the plants are thermal which need large quantities of water in a continuous supply. After some years, nuclear energy will take the front seat and that too runs on water. So demand for water packaging is bound to increase. Yes it’s ultra-technical and is a tough business but here lies the test of our real strength," Deepak breaks into a smile.

"I want my kids to have the survival instinct so that they don’t buckle under any kind of pressure"

There is another side to his character too. A music lover and keyboard player, he is a true romantic at heart. "I met Mou Rani during Durga Puja and we liked each other," he says smiling at his wife. "But because she was a Bengali and belonged to a different caste, things got tough. So we decided to marry in court. It, however didn’t go down well with my father, a feud ensued and I left home. Since then she has been my firm support through thick and thin." Mou who herself belongs to a very reputed and affluent family of wine-makers, is all praise for her husband. "He is a passionate professional and a compassionate family man!"

He is teaching his children Deepesh (17) and Diksha (9)some lessons of harsh reality so that besides enjoying the good things of life, they should also value struggle. Deepesh goes for evening classes in an auto-rickshaw even though an SUV is always available at the doorstep of the house.

In a way, I am thankful to God that my father forced me to leave home. I would not have reached here had I not slogged all by myself. I want my kids to have this survival instinct so that they don’t buckle under any kind of pressure. Life is a great teacher, only if we listen to it," he adds on a philosophical note.